In order to effectively carry out its mandate, the company is segmented into four (4) departments: Information Technology Department, Bulk SMS Department, Infohealth Awareness Department and Consultancy Service Department.

  1. SIRONigeria Information Technology Department: This is the section of the company mandated with the responsibility of domain name registration, website design, development, web hosting and maintenance services. … Read More
  2. SIRONigeria Training and Consultancy Service Department: This section of the company is mandated with the responsibility to engage in business of skill acquisition and empowerment services on industrial products for self-reliance such as soap making, detergents and cosmetic production etc. To organize seminars, workshops, training on capacity building and human resource management…. Read More
  3. SIRONigeria Infohealth Awareness Department(Infohealth Awareness Group, IHAG): This department comprises of a team of renowned practicing health professionals advocating for wellness of the individuals and providing help to the people in order to have a society of individuals free from health disorders...Read More
  4. SIRONigeria Bulk SMS Department:This section of the company is charged with the business of Bulk SMS services and digital mobile marketing…Read More
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