Bulk-SMS Department

We are a Team of IT experts poised to delivering cutting edge technologies to individuals, organizations, companies and institutions in Nigeria. The mandate of our Company involves the business of providing Reliable and Quality Bulk-SMS Services in Nigeria and across the Globe. Our immeasurable experience, robust platforms and enthusiasm for quality delivery has moved us up the ladder to the peak position in the Nigerian BulkSMS Industry. We strive continuously to remain the most dependable and Creative Digital Mobile Marketing solutions provider in Nigeria, delivering high standards of quality and value to all our clients and customers.

What is Bulk SMS? It is a technique of sending short message service (SMS) via the internet to large/unlimited number of mobile phones contacts through a communication gadget. It is one of the very best, fastest, cheapest and most effective techniques to disseminate information to unlimited number of persons throughout the world.

Why You Need It:Bulk SMS service has become one of the most efficient and personal medium of communication across the globe. IT expert reported that, on the average, it takes approximately 5-6 seconds to deliver a text message which can then be read within 3-5 minutes by over 85-95% of recipients. Using this medium of communication as a business owner, it means you can reach new and existing customers directly anytime any day with ease. It is quite faster and more effective than the leading social media networking systems like Facebook, twitter, 2go, ebuddy, whatsapp, BBM etc. With virtually 6.0 billion mobile devices worldwide and 600% more than the leading social media network in terms of effectiveness.

The medium is good for both individuals and corporate bodies for: Sending invitations for Meetings, Weddings, Anniversaries, Appreciations and Holiday Greetings. It is also use for making announcement, advertisement and the introduction of products and services to customers in just a minute. It can also be used for alerts, reminders, marketing and for information as well as communication between staff, employers and customers.

With our BulkSMS applications every business man can get in touch with their prospective customer in short time. That is the reason; we are in a continuous endeavor to strike a balance for you to focus in your core business, leaving the harmonization activities to us to get the utmost result from the communication happened between your business contact and you.  The market is undoubtedly over communicated With 355.2 million people using computers, 6 billion people using mobile phone and online consumer having at least 1,000,000,000 pages of options before arriving at the final product,. This tremendous flow of information may put the audience in oblivion of which home page to click. This is where, you find our services indispensable.

Our Dependably Dynamic Team has devised the means to make this service much easier for you without the need to regularly visit the main website. With our SIRONigeria-SMS-Webview and SIRONigeria-SMS-Mobile-App you can reach your audience at your comfort zone and conveniently any time any day.  That is why it is called “the world at your finger tip”. To enjoy these services and lot more, just Sign up to Register Free of Charge